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Printing tee information on score cards

 We have players from up to four sets of tees in one foursome.  This causes the player names and strokes to be single spaces and hard to read.  Is there any way to turn off printings of the tee information?

Before your view the scorecards, you can choose which (if any) tees you'd like printed on all the scorecards.

Unfortunately you cannot adjust tees for only one card. Support

When I print the score cards and the window comes up where you can specify the Score Card Text that goes at the bottom of the card, there are check boxes in the second column for Print men's Tee Info and Print ladies' Tee info.  These boxes are unchecked and still all the tee info prints.  If there is somewhere else they can be "unchecked", please let me know.  Thanks for your help.



I'm sorry for the confusion!

In Tournament Manager-Desktop, if both tee boxes are unchecked, only the relevant tees for the players on that scorecard will be shown. (The program will always show the relevant tees.)

In Tournament Manager Online, you can choose which tees you'd like shown on ALL scorecards.


Thanks for your help.  I will put in a request for the ability to turn off printing any tee information.



I would love to have the option on the online version of only printing the relevant tees, like we had on the desktop version.



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