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Tournament players who pick up: DNF or DG

I manage tournaments with old guys who sometimes pickup a hole or drop out in the middle of a round.  This disqualifies them for the tournament but their round can often still be posted with the holes they completed.  If I enter scores for the holes played the results page places them based on their total score for the holes they completed, ignoring the incomplete holes.

I need a way to 'did not finish' (DNF) or 'disqualify' (DQ) these players so that they show as having played but in last place.  I can force them to last place by not entering any scores for them but that means partial rounds don't get posted.

Any suggestions?

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Looking for similar answer, we play a number of atableford rounds. When you have wiped a hole how do we indicate this in the app ???? In some other scoring apps there is an option to select wipe vice having to put in the stroke score high enough that it is beyond the ability to score- such as double the par. Would appreciare an answer if possible
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