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Ability to Customize Views

I'm transitioning from Desktop to OnLine version and I'm really missing the ability to customize the views. For instance, when signing players up for a tournament I'm frequently asked "what is my handicap", and that requires me to go to another screen and then back to sign up for the next player.

It would be great if I could customize the Sign Up view the same as the ability in the Reports section where I simply click on the features I want included (Index, Hcp, etc.)

Jeff Grover

I agree and I sent in a ticket to help desk.  They said they would put it in the queue.  I asked for all fields to be selectable so you could pick whatever you wanted to produce a report.

Jim Ainslie

Have these issues ever been addressed or implemented?

I just submitted the same ticket for this and another one similar last year.  Same canned response.  This was a major feature that was taken away with the online version.

Another issue. How do you remove the Pairings from the Tournament Sign Up sheet until they are ready for publication? It is very confusing to the Members when I begin creating the Pairings and they check the site before they are official. 

Solution to John's question......we always remove the tournament from the Portal while we are building a tournament, and then put it back on once the pairings are complete.  Go to Manage / Load,  click on the title of the tournament, then uncheck the box next to "Show on player access portal"...and reverse procedure when you're done and ready to let members view the completed pairing sheet.


Thanks. I finally figured out that solution.

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