Tournament Manager is fully compliant with the World Handicap System (WHS) introduced on 1/1/2020. Tournament Manager...

  • retrieves updated World Handicap System Indexes from GHIN
  • calculates the playing handicap according to World Handicap System guidelines
  • performs stroke control using the World Handicap System "net double bogey"
  • sends scores, posted to Tournament Manager, to GHIN

Here is how to use the new WHS feature in Tournament Manager (you can enlarge the videos*):

  1. On the Main Menu, go to Manage under Organization.
  2. Click on the "World Handicap System" tab.
  3. Check the box to Connect to GHIN (World Handicap System) and then on the Save button. This will enable Tournament Manager to retrieve player Indexes from GHIN.

  4. On the Main Menu, go to Manage under Players.
  5. Click on each golfer's name to open the player's "General" tab and input the GHIN Number. It is recommended that you Copy the GHIN Number and paste it in to the Player ID field which is just above the player's First Name field.

  6. Still at Manage under Players, go to the 3-bar menu in the top right and select "Update Indexes from GHIN..." This will retrieve new Indexes from GHIN.

  7. To use the WHS for a specific tournament, go to the Parameters (Step 1 under Active Tournament) on Main Menu.
  8. Go to Handicap tab.
  9. Click on box to "Use WHS (World Handicap System) rules."

  10. To send posted scores to GHIN, from Main Menu select Step 5 Scores under Active Tournament.
  11. Use the 3-bar menu in the top right to select "Copy scores to GHIN".
  12. Type your name in the box that says "Your name here".
  13. Click the button that says "Copy x scores".

* Enlarge videos by clicking on the symbol shown in the image below. At the end of the video, if you have enlarged to full screen, press the "Esc" key in the upper left corner of your keyboard to minimize the video.