Excel and other spreadsheet programs do an excellent job of accepting a table copied from a web page (HTML). Follow these steps:

Please see this video. It shows how to...

  1. Go to Main Menu and open the team pairing sheet report (Step 4 under Tournament).
  2. Highlight the table contents
  3. Copy the highlighted table contents
  4. Paste copied table contents into an empty spreadsheet

This video example was with the Team Pairing Sheet report in Tournament Manager. However, it will work with any report or view, as well as tables on any website.

Alternative way to copy a report to Excel or another spreadsheet:

  1. From the html report right click and "Save as - html file complete"
  2. From within Excel select "Open file" and open the html file just saved
  3. This displays the file in Excel - still as an html file. "Save as" xls to get an Excel file