I've updated new handicaps in a roster but they do not appear in the Active Tournament, why not?


When you update handicaps in a roster, Tournament Manager does not automatically change handicaps in tournaments that were previously created, or in any "old" tournaments. (When players are signed up for a tournament in 2. Sign up players, their handicaps "at that moment" are moved with them when they are signed up.) 

To update signed up golfers in an "already started" tournament with "new" handicaps from their roster:

  1. Click Main menu and select 2. Signup up player.

  2. Click Update player’s 'tournament defaults' to tournament..  on the right and select desired data to be updated as shown below:

  3. Click Update items selected below.

Note: You can also change a golfer's index/handicap in the tournament. Simply double-click the golfer and type in the new value.