Can I see exactly how tie breaks are done?


Tournament Manager has several tiebreak options....

  1. USGA® - Ties broken by who wins last 9 holes, last 6 holes, last 3 holes and if still tied, the 18th hole.

  2. By Handicap holes. Who won first handicap hole, who won second handicap hole, etc.

  3. Sequential hole 18 to 1...Who won 18th hole..if still tied, who won 17th hole, etc...

  4. Sequential hole 1 to 18...Who won 1st hole..if still tied, who won 2nd hole, etc…

To use any of the above tie-break options, simply sort the report by the option you wish. 

Tip: A quick way to "see" how how any of the above tie breaks are done.


    • Click Main menu and select 6. Results.

    • Click on Other tab.

    • On Report menu select the option, ‘4a. Player - Tiebreak Audit’

    • Select the tie breaks you’d like to see and click View Report.  This report shows each tie break and how the ties are broken.

  5. Create your own tiebreak by sorting and sub-sorting standings by any items for tie-breaking

 purposes.  For example, before clicking View Report, you could click on the Sort tab to sort the standings report first by total net, and then second by handicap.

 If any golfers tied on net score,  they would be further sub-sorted by handicap. Thus a golfer's handicap would decide how the tie is broken.  

You can sort a report by up to 3 different items.

6. You can also break ties using fractional nets, fractional quotas, or fractional handicaps.

Handicaps, nets, and quotas can be displayed to two decimal places for tie breaking purposes.

To specify that you wish handicaps and nets calculated to 2 decimal places:


    • Click Main menu and select 1. Parameters.

    • On the Handicap tab, check Display tournament handicaps to 2 decimal places box.

Now any report or view will display these values to 2 decimal places.