How do I update (transfer) golfers from Handicap System(online) to Tournament Manager?

If you have the Handicap System, you can transfer golfer information (including names, ID#, phone, address, group text, miscellaneous, updated handicaps, etc) into the Tournament Manager. Golfers MUST have unique ID#s for the transfer utility to work correctly.

  1. Click Main menu and under Players select Manage.

  2. Click on Tools on the right and select Copy players from Handicap System.

  3. Select the desired Handicap System roster that you want to be copied and click the Copy players button.

  4. If you wish to copy players from a different customer number, click on the Change button in the upper right corner and sign in to the other account. Then you can select the desired roster from that account.

Tip: If a player does not exist in Tournament Manager he/she is added to the roster, otherwise the player's information is updated. The transfer utility determines a match by ID#. If you have two players with the same ID#, info for each player may not transfer correctly.

Tip: When players are first copied over, ALL information will be copied, including miscellaneous items. When you "recopy" players, miscellaneous items are not copied, unless you check the option to do so.

Tip: To save time, Tournament Manager remembers any options you set. So the next time you transfer golfers, default options are already set.