How can I assign player flights ?

Tournament Manager can automatically assign player flights using golfer's age, gender, handicaps or scores from a previous round. 

 To automatically flight players:

  1. Click Main menu, select 3. Manage, and click on the Tools menu on the right. 

  2. Select Flight players automatically.

  3. In the window that appears, set your Flight parameters and decide How do you wish to automatically flight players? (Choose between having an equal number of golfers in each flight or setting specific ranges for each flight.) Click the appropriate button and you’re done.

 To assign flights manually, click Main menu, select 3. Manage, and double-click golfer’s name to set flight.

To change information for multiple golfers at one time, click Main menu, select 3. Manage and check the box to the left of the name of the desired golfers and click on the yellow pencil (under the Main Menu). In the window that appears, select the appropriate flight and click Save.

All checked players will now have the selected flight.