How do you run a Stableford (Point) Tournament?

Tournament Manager does not require you to indicate in advance which type of standings you wish to show.  To show results for any type of tournament, select the report in 6. Results that displays the desired standings format.


To setup your Stableford Point Tournament, click Main menu; select 1. Settings and click on the Stableford Points tab to review how points will be awarded for par, birdie, eagle, etc. Values can be changed at anytime.

To show Stableford Point results, click Main menu and select 6. Results.

For individual players, choose 1d. Player - Points - Gross/Quota OR 1e. Player - Points - Net

For team standings, choose between 3e. Team - Aggregate - Points - Gross3f. Team - Aggregate - Points - Net,OR 3g. Team - Aggregate - Points - Less Quota